support to help you achieve
your personal goals...

Many Hands provides one-on-one coaching, providing the opportunity and support to help you become more effective and fulfilled.

Coaching for leaders, managers & small business owners:

The Many Hands approach is one of assisting people and organisations find the balance between being pragmatic and holding to ideals – what is possible to achieve, what is needed, and how to get there. And so we pay attention to, and work with, both ‘soft skills’ for leaders – the human qualities and behaviours, as well as assisting in the development of their ‘hard skills’ of a more technical nature.

Many Hands also provides a unique combination of business coaching and life coaching for small-medium business people. This unique combination is in recognition that so much of the success of a small business depends on the owner/leader.

Life Coaching:

Our Life coaching provides an opportunity to examine the attitudes and beliefs that underlie the decisions that we make, and that often are out of our awareness. We work with heightening awareness so that you can be more choiceful about the decisions you make, and we provide a structure of accountability for you to make change happen!

One-on-One Coaching for Performance:

Many Hands works with people who want to be more effective in their organisational role. Coaching can assist you to understand how and why you operate in certain ways at work, and change those behaviours that are making you less effective, and build on those that are working well for you.

Career Coaching:

Another unique approach, combining life coaching with practical guidance and assistance in improving a person’s life at work and if necessary, changing jobs and careers. A life coaching approach can help explore the issues behind career questions. This can be combined with practical assistance in looking at your resume, applications and interview technique.